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Hello and welcome to a small part of my blog where I decided to put some ressources in english.

English is not yet a main language on this web site but it could become it. So stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, I invite you to discover my products in english.



After many requests, I decided to write a book on how to get a ripped or a flat abdomen.

Because it’s a tough area to work on, I put all my tools to help you achieve your dreams. It includes nutrition and sport advices, mental techniques and backstage tips.

If you always wanted to have the most amazing abdomen, THIS BOOK is for you.


If you are interested in reading my model diary, you can go HERE. I will reveal you everything the world of fashion wants to hide. Being a model isn’t a job we all know a lot about. However, a lot fo young girls want to give it a chance. Therefore, I think it can be useful for them to read the real story of a model. And because it is not always the life you think, it can also allow people to stay on their feet and be careful about how things go…

Though my career was ectic, I decided to keep a track on what happened in order to allow youg models to know more about this job.